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San Francisco International Airport Parking
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Getting Around SFO International Airport

San Francisco International Airport is served directly by train, taxi, and public bus services.


The train's Red Line is a short, circular route with stops that serve all the terminals, their associated short-term (and daily) parking garages, and the BART rail station. The Blue Line operates on a longer circular route, linking a rental car center stop with the stops for the terminals, garages, and BART rail station. Services run 24 hours a day.


Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) provides a metro rail service within the San Francisco urban area. It has a station at the airport. AirTrain links to the BART station at the garage G / BART station stop. The BART station is located on the G gate's side of the International Terminal on Level 3, which is the departures / ticketing level.

BART services run for most of the day, with a down time in the hours of the early morning. Some services go north to San Francisco, traveling though the center of the city and terminating on the other side of the Bay in Dublin / Pleasanton. Many other services interconnect with this line, allowing passengers to travel to and from a large number of places in the Bay Area. Other services go north to Millbrae Intermodal Station, where they connect with CalTrain. Many BART stations offer parking facilities.


BART trains from the airport connect with CalTrain services at Millbrae Intermodal Station. CalTrain operates train services between San Francisco and San Jose, stopping at many other stations along the way, including Palo Alto and Stanford.

Taxi Services

Taxis wait at ranks on the arrivals / baggage claim level of all terminals. The ranks are located on center island roadways. Uniformed personnel coordinate the ranks.

Shared Ride Van Services

Shared ride vans operate between the airport and many places in the Bay Area. Most of them operate a door-to-door service. Vans pick up and drop off on the departures / ticketing levels of all terminals. Pick-up / drop-off zones are located on the center island roadways.

Public Bus

SamTrans is a public bus service provided by San Mateo County Transit. Buses run between the airport and San Francisco, and between the airport and many places in San Mateo County. Bus stops are located at various places within the airport. There are two stops at the International Terminal, both on Level 1, one in courtyard A and one curbside next to courtyard G. Terminal 3 has a stop on the arrivals / baggage claim level on the curbside next to courtyard 4. Services include the KX express bus that runs between San Francisco, the airport, and Palo Alto. Passengers should note that luggage is not allowed on this bus.

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